Ishwari’s insecurities to get high in Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi


Ishwari asks Sonakshi to sleep and not wait for Dev, why to get trouble for him. Sonakshi says I m waiting for my husband, there is no such trouble. She asks Ishwari to go and rest. Ishwari too wants to welcome her son home. Dev comes home and asks Ishwari and Sonakshi to be with him. Ishwari says Sonakshi is with you and goes. Ishwari is feeling insecure. She feels Dev is getting away from her, she is not important for him now. She realizes Sonakshi has come to take care of Dev.

Sonakshi and Ishwari both love Dev and wait for him till late night. Dev is stuck between them love. Dev knows importance of both relations and does not want to hurt either of them. Sonakshi serves food and gets Dev to dine. Dev tries to stop Ishwari, but she walks off. Ishwari wants to know who is more important for Dev. How will Ishwari’s insecurities create a hurdle for Dev and Sonakshi? Dev does not know how to strike balance between mom and wife. Keep reading.


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