Twists turn puja-moment upsetting for Adi in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


There is a twist in the puja. Pandit ji comes late, but Adi starts the puja by using the internet. Aaliya plays the bhajan, while Adi does the puja rituals by following the steps. Pandit comes late. Dadi tells them that Adi has done puja. Raman and Ishita felt proud of Dadi. Bala’s mum comes there and tells Dadi that Raman and Ishita are not married, Shagun and Raman were staying as married couple, and now Shagun is married to Mani, and Raman and Ishita are living together, after Ishita was living with Mani for some years. Raman and Ishita get humiliated. Adi and Aaliya’s marriage falls in trouble. Bala asks his mum to please stop it. Bala’s mum does not get Raman and Ishita sit in the puja.

Bala’s mum asks will we pass these values to our children. She tells Dadi that there is no culture and values in Bhalla house, will she get Aaliya married in this house. Dadi gets angry knowing such truth which she was not aware of. Dadi confronts Ishita and Mani for not telling her anything. Ishita cries and tries to explain. Dadi rejects Adi for Aaliya. Raman and Ishita get upset, while Shagun gets happy for Adi and Aaliya’s breaking alliance. Raman and Ishita decide to get married and keep Adi and Aaliya’s engagement in same function. Keep reading.


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