High Five Spoilers

Ishqbaaz Internet Wala Love

YRKKH: Naira tries to express love to Kartik by signs, but Nannu and Gayu come in between. Naira does not get time to confess love. She is very happy after realizing love and wants to tell Kartik any way.

She fails to reach Kartik and her mood gets spoiled. Kartik does not understand her answer, when she wears the dress he gifted her, she throws roses on him and dances for him. Naira’s performance is the highlight of the function. Even then, Kartik does not understand her. Naira plans to remove the power fuse, so that Kartik goes to check fuse. She will confess love to Kartik. The family will get to know of their love. Kartik’s family will be entering in the show soon.


Rani is sad and crying. She prays in the Dargah. She prays for Raja’s safety, while Raja is repenting. He walks on the nails surface. Rani feeds food to the people and wants Raja to get fine. Rani says I m angry with him, but he is my husband, I want him to get fine. Rani is restless for him, even Raja is burning in guilt. He has gone to hurt himself by walking on the nails. Raja feels so bad that he could not do anything for Rani, than hurting her, so he wants to repent and walks on the nails. Before Raja completes walking till end, Rani comes and stops him. Rani takes care of him.


Aryan has reached Sanchi’s house with the baraat. Everyone is happy and dance in the baraat. Aryan too gets down the horse and dances happily in his own baraat. Sanchi’s family welcomes Aryan. The grand wedding is very close now.

Jaana Na Dil Se Door:

Ravish would get to know about Atharv and Vividha’s connection. Atharv makes a special gift for Vividha, and Sujata tries to hide the fact from Ravish. Sujata starts hating Vividha and holds her responsible for Atharv’s state. Ravish understands Vividha was part of Atharv’s life. He thinks to find the missing link, why Ramakant chose Vividha for him, when she is close to Ramakant’s other son. Will Ravish understand the confusion driven marriage?


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