Naira’s special way of love confession for Kartik in Yeh Rishta Hai Kya Kehlata Hai

Kartik and Naira to unite

The family gifts Akshara and Naitik their life portrait. Their hearts get touched by the wonderful gift. After this precious gift, Gayu plans to surprise Kartik. Gayu keeps Karwachauth fast for Kartik. She sees Kartik’s photo and breaks her fast. By sighting the moon. Naira realizes her feelings for Kartik.

Kartik comes in Karwachauth function and spends time with Kartik. The family celebrates Karwachauth in a new manner. There is always something creative in the show. The men take a rocking avatars and dance on cool songs, which surprises the women dressed in traditional sarees and jewelry. Naitik dances like a teenager, and Akshara joins him in the dance. Karwachauth is celebrated in a modern way. Naitik takes a rockstar’s look. Everyone party and shake a leg. Naitik and all the men wanted to entertain their wives and surprise them.

Naitik surprises Akshara by this new look. The performances go on by all the men, and the women enjoy a lot. The festivals are always filmi. Naira tries to express love to Kartik by signs, but Nannu and Gayu come in between. Naira does not get time to confess love. She is very happy after realizing love and wants to tell Kartik any way. She fails to reach Kartik and her mood gets spoiled. Kartik does not understand her answer, when she wears the dress he gifted her, she throws roses on him and dances for him. Naira’s performance is the highlight of the function. Even then, Kartik does not understand her. Naira plans to remove the power fuse, so that Kartik goes to check fuse. She will confess love to Kartik. The family will get to know of their love. Kartik’s family will be entering in the show soon. It will be big challenge for Akshara and Naitik to manage Gayu’s broken heart.


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