Rudra shocked about psycho Romi’s truth in Ishqbaaz


Rudra meets Romi and tells about Shivay and Tia’s marriage. He says he dislikes Tia, but none can change Shivay’s decision. Romi tells him that she is a Goddess and has super powers. She can make Shivay and Tia’s breakup done. Rudra laughs off thinking she is joking. Romi fools him more. Rudra and Romi boast of themselves. Romi blesses Rudra.

She asks Rudra to come her home in evening. Rudra is sure she is going to give Darshan to her devotees. He finds her amusing. Soumya politely asks Romi to leave Rudra. Romi tells Soumya that Rudra accepted her and knows she is Devi. She asks Soumya to become her follower, just like Rudra. She blesses Soumya. Soumya wonders how to save Rudra from this psycho beauty.

Rudra visits Romi’s house. A man sends him to meet Romi, while she is having a bath. He gets stunned seeing so many Daasis giving a spiritual bath to Romi. Romi tells Rudra that she is a Devi and they will together make a temple. She asks her Daasis to do aarti of her Rudra Dev. Rudra can’t digest this madness. How will Rudra cope up with this shocking revelation? Keep reading.

Read on to know what happens next…


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