Shivay’s marriage to bring many twists in Ishqbaaz


Anika is annoyed with herself for having feelings for Shivay. Though, Shivay too feels for her, but is limiting himself from loving her. Shivay talks to Mishra and cancels all the holidays he permitted when he was in medics effect. Anika asks Shivay about his wedding date. Shivay tries to clear confusion about the last day’s incident.

She tells him all her confusion ended and asks the wedding date. Shivay sees her tensed. He clears the matter that he was not in his senses, that made say all those words. Anika gets her annoyance out on him and gives a lecture on blood and family line. Angered Anika asks him to say date straight so that she can plan things accordingly. He tells the date, that’s after Diwali. Randhawa plans to expose Oberoi family during Shivay’s marriage.

Jhanvi asks Shivay to rethink about marriage decision. Shivay is sure of his decision and does not want more time. Jhanvi feels this is not happening right. Shivay feels he started falling for Anika and bounds himself. He sees Anika and tries hard to ignore her. Even Anika acts as if she did not see him. Her bracelet gets stuck in his sleeve button. They walk away and try to get a glimpse of each other. Shivay feels love does not exist and he is not realizing any emotions.

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