Karwachauth celebrations with Shivika’s romance in Ishqbaaz


Its Karwachauth celebrations in Ishqbaaz. Anika does arrangements. Shivay gets mesmerized seeing Anika, while she lights the diya in Oberoi mansion. Anika looks for him when he goes out of his sight. Shivay wants to be around her and takes a close seat to look at her work. They both hide their sight and stare at each other. Their struggle to see each other shows their love.

Shivay’s heart has just Anika’s name. Shivay and Anika’s eye stare romance goes on. Anika is angered and wants to avoid him, but still she glances at him. She feels some attraction between them and is not sure if its love. Shivay stares at her and feels Anika is his moon. Jhanvi and Pinky keep the Karwachauth fast for Tej and fast.

Anika did not keep Karwachauth fast as such. Anika does not eat food since morning and that becomes a fast for her. Bua troubles Anika at home, and even at Oberoi mansion, Anika could not have food by some work. Tia meets Shivay, while his focus goes on Anika again and again. Anika gets upset seeing him with Tia and leaves from his sight. Anika faints by the work stress and tiredness, when her Billu ji comes to her rescue. It has to be seen how her fast breaks by Shivay’s hands. It would be a magical moment for Ishqbaaz’s and Shivika’s fans. Keep reading for more.


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