Pihu to create drama in IshRa’s marriage in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


The Bhallas and Iyers are practicing dance. Raman and Ishita’s wedding is happening. Raman dresses as Madrasi. Everyone is rehearsing for sangeet. Ruhi makes Bhallas practice Bharatnatyam. Simmi and Romi say they can never do this. Mihika convinces them to dance. She asks Ruhi to change the dance form and they can do Bollywood style of dance. Ruhi asks them to try to put efforts. Everyone gets ready and come for the sangeet.

Ishita comes and everyone compliment the bride. Raman smiles seeing Ishita. Adi is going to do Bhangra along with Iyer families, while Aaliya is with Bhallas. Sangeet ceremony is planned grand. Romi asks the men to write Adi and Aaliya’s names on the banner, instead Raman and Ishita’s names. Raman does not want Pihu to see Ishita and his name, and make any issues again. Pihu does not know about Raman’s marriage. When Pihu gets to know of it, it will be big drama. Shagun will be using Pihu at the right moment. Viewers can wait to see high drama marriage by Pihu’s entry. Keep reading.


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