Anika organizes Oberoi’s Karwachauth Celebrations


Anika prepares Karwachauth Sargi baskets. Shivay helps her from dropping it. She refuses to take his help. She tells him about Karwachauth. Shivay gets hurt by Anika. Anika asks him to stay away from her, else he will get hurt. Anika asks him to show the minor hurt.

Shivay acts like a kid. She checks his hand. She says it’s very little thing, maybe her bad luck has hurt him. He says he was not aware of this happening. He indirectly talks about ‘love happening’. She tells him that nothing can happen now, as he already got hurt. She relieves him of pain. He thanks her. She gets surprised and praises the big change in him. Tia comes to talk about Karwachauth, while Shivay looks for Anika.

Pinky and Jhanvi prepare for Karwachauth. Anika helps them. Jhanvi thanks her for all the hardwork. She gives gifts for Anika from Dadi’s side. Pinky asks Anika to keep fast, as she may get a smart heroic figure husband. Anika tells them that she never thought of her ideal guy. Pinky asks Anika to pray for having a good mother in law. She jokes Anika can get a mother in law like her. Anika tells them that she will be with them and organize all the things. Bua also suggests Anika to keep Karwachauth fast. What will Anika do now? Keep reading.


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