Raina insecure with Rishabh’s past in BrahmaRakshas


Kiara surprises Rishabh. He coughs seeing her. Raina takes care of him. Kiara’s entry was such that food got stuck in Rishabh’s throat seeing her. Rishabh is scared and thinking to love Raina or not, and his ex-girlfriend has come back in his life. Even Raina is in tension seeing Kiara. Kiara is Rishabh’s past, he loved Kiara a lot and he wants to go back to Kiara. His marriage with Raina is for namesake, as they married with motive to kill BrahmaRakshas.

Kiara commands Raina to go and do the work. Raina gets medicine and Kiara feeds Rishabh. Kiara takes Raina’s place. Raina gets silent as Rishabh loves Kiara. Rishabh loves Raina, but he is confused, he is hurt by Kiara as she left him. Raina also has feelings for Rishabh. Rishabh was hurt because of Kiara and does not want Raina to reject him in love. He is scared to face love rejection. Kiara does not know Raina and Rishabh’s love is strong, though they both did not realize it yet. Keep reading.


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