Sesha kills Shivanya and fulfills revenge in Naagin Season 2


Yamini and Sesha have got together and hunting Shivanya and Shivangi. They both want to try to change the marriage celebrations into a sorrowful time. Sesha is changing her looks every time. Sesha takes even Shivangi’s avatar. Sesha covers her face in a ghunghat.

Shivanya tries to run from there and takes away Shivangi. Yamini and Sesha have an argument. Shivanya sees Sesha’s naagin avatar and runs away from there. Sesha scolds Yamini for failing the plan. Yamini and Sesha make all the guests unconscious and catch Shivanya. Yamini says my Rocky is my heir, and you wanted to keep Rocky away. She tells Shivanya that she wanted to kill Shivanya by her own hands, but she wants someone else to kill her.

Shivanya can’t believe the plotting. Sesha comes and shocks Shivanya. Sesha goes to Shivanya and tells her that she is glad to see her. She asks Shivanya to hug her. Yamini tells Shivanya that your sister will kill you today. Sesha hugs Shivanya and stabs her for snatching Ritik from her. Shivanya gets killed by Sesha’s hands. Just Shivangi’s story will go ahead now. Keep reading.


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