Karwachauth’s cute moments, revelations and twists in Ishqbaaz


Pinky serves the food to the boys and says next year three of them have to keep Karwachauth fast for their wives. Anika does not keep the fast. Shivay gets curious to know WHY. Pinky says Anika has no marriage plans and fasting wish. Omkara asks Anika to have breakfast, but Anika misses to have food. Shivay asks Anika to dine with him. He states he does not like fasting concept.

Anika expressions her opinion on fasting. She tells that she likes the Oberoi tradition of husbands keeping fast for wives. Shivay gets instantly away from the food hearing her. Shivay starts making excuses to keep the fast for Anika. He says Omkara and Rudra did not have food and even he does not want to have food without his brothers. Anika says she understands Shivay is keeping fast for Tia by this excuse. Shivay says he won’t keep fast for Tia, he is not just hungry. He clears he is not fasting for Tia, which stuns Tia.

Shivay keeps the fast for Anika, while she too stays hungry. Shivay and Anika have few struggles to catch glimpse of each other. Anika lights diya around the house. Shivay makes excuses to sit close. Unfortunately, Tia comes and breaks their moment. Anika sees Tia hugging a guy and breaking Karwachauth fast. She gets shocked seeing Shivay coming from the other side. Will Anika be able to expose Tia’s affair? Keep reading.


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