Vivaan and Chakor to find evidence against Kamal Narayan again in Udaan


Imli thanks Vivaan for the wonderful saree gift and hugs him. Vivaan tells her that he did not gift any saree to her. She shows him the happy diwali card and saree gift. He gets puzzled seeing the card from his name. He tells her that he did not buy the saree for her. Imli thinks he is joking.

Ragini has kept the gift for Imli. Vivaan gets angry on Ragini and says he will not work with her, he does not want any favors from her. Vivaan has no money and can’t gift anything to Imli, so Ragini was angering him by gifting Imli and asking Vivaan to join Bhaiya ji’s team. Imli does not keep the saree to save Vivaan’s self respect. Chakor gets gifts for Kasturi and Bhuvan, and hugs them happily. Chakor tells them that Diwali will bring good times and light in their lives. Vivaan goes to meet Chakor and joins her again to collect evidence against Kamal Narayan. Keep reading.


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