Diwali twist: Chakor to save Suraj’s life in Udaan


Imli, Vivaan, Suraj and Chakor join hands to defeat Bhaiya ji. Suraj says Vivaan and Chakor made the team earlier and cleverly failed Bhaiya ji, and this time even Imli and Suraj are with them, and their sharpness and planning will get better. Suraj is sure they will win as they are double teams united this time.

Vivaan suggests Chakor to take part in Asian Games. Chakor decides to participate. Bhaiyaji gets worried knowing that Chakor has decided to participate in the Asian Games. Bhaiya ji plans to get Suraj killed on Diwali night. Chakor meets Suraj and asks him to take good care of himself. Chakor gives gifts to her parents on Diwali and gives them double happiness. Vivaan fails to get job anywhere and is worried to carry on financial expenses of his family. Vivaan goes to meet Chakor and asks her for some money.

Imli thanks Vivaan for gifting her a saree, while Vivaan hides the truth that Ragini gifted the saree on his behalf. Bhaiya ji and Ragini become happy when they see Suraj at the party. Chakor gets angry knowing that Ragini wants Kasturi and Bhuvan to work till late in the night. Vivaan apologizes to Imli for hiding the truth of Ragini keeping the gift. Imli forgives him and returns the gift to Ragini to keep Vivaan’s self-respect. Meanwhile, Chakor gets to know Bhaiya ji is going to kill Suraj, and runs to the haveli to save Suraj. Bhaiyaji asks his men to find Suraj and get him back. Keep reading.


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