Harman and Soumya to face new troubles in Shakti


Harman and Soumya have made their new place a wonderful home for their new start. Saya is looking for Soumya. She arrives at Nimmi’s place and asks for Soumya. Like always, Nimmi takes a stand for Soumya. She asks Saya to leave.

Saya asks the kinners to keep an eye on Nimmi’s house as Soumya may come there. Saya gets angry and drags Reena and Raveena out of the kinner group. Soumya cleans the house as Diwali is approaching. She asks Harman to get few listed items which they would need for house run and Diwali puja. Harman goes to buy the items from market. Harman gets shocked seeing all his photo posters everywhere. He worries and thinks Preeto is finding him. How will Harman save himself and Soumya now? Keep reading.


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