Randhawa and Priyanka to be paired up in Ishqbaaz


Rudra waits to desperately end his fast and can’t bear hunger. Rudra looks for the moon, while Shivay looks for Anika. Shivay holds Anika in his arms while she falls down while decorating the place. Rudra sights the moon. Anika tells Shivay that moon has come.

Shivay is lost in her eyes. Anika asks him to go to Tia. He asks her will she fall again. She says she will take care of herself. Shivay and Anika’s cute moment breaks. He looks for Tia. Tia tells her boyfriend not to come to Oberoi mansion as she can’t meet him. Shivay asks Anika about Tia. Anika says I will send Tia, maybe Tia is in lawn.

Meanwhile, Priyanka is tensed about the threatening mail. Priyanka panics and calls up Omkara. Omkara is busy trying to contact Riddhima. Priyanka gets scared seeing someone. Priyanka gets a chit to get another evidence. She gets shocked seeing the woman’s cloth piece. Priyanka gets nervous and runs crazily in fear. She collides with ACP Randhawa and falls in his arms. Randhawa senses Priyanka’s tension. Randhawa checks place and assures Priyanka that there is no one. He acts good with her. Randhawa feeds water to Priyanka and breaks her fast. Seems, their pairing is set by this twist. Keep reading.


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