Rishi and Tanuja to get married in Kasam


Rishi and Tanuja are united by souls. Tanuja will be completing their vows of previous birth. Rishi does not know Tanuja is his bride. Rishi could not do anything to stop his marriage with Malaika, as he was in dilemma over his feelings. The bride swapping track will be seen, where Malaika will get swapped by Tanuja.

Rishi is getting married to Malaika. Rishi is lucky to get such a father, who is helping him marry Tanu. Rano comes to take Malaika. Raj asks Tanuja to hide her face in ghunghat. He has given the bride getup to her and says whatever happens, the ghunghat should not move off the face. Raj has done this major planning to hide Malaika and get Tanuja in her place. Raj has done all the drama to get Rishi and Tanuja marriage. Rishi and Tanuja sit in the mandap, as groom and bride. Rano asks Raj to bless Malaika later. She asks Malaika to lift ghunghat. Raj stops Rano and makes excuse. Rishi will be seeing Tanuja after the marriage. Rishi and Tanuja will get married, and then big twists will follow.


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