Urmila plays Cupid for Jaggi and Gopi in Saath Nibhana Saathiya


Gopi does the puja and gives aarti to everyone. Jaggi in in love with Gopi. Urmila is helping Jaggi. Jaggi compliments Gopi for her looks. Gopi tried to get rid of Jaggi and comes up with a solution. Jaggi says he will marry the girl Gopi says. Gopi invites a girl and her family to meet Jaggi.

Urvashi and Kokila also want Jaggi to meet someone else. Urmila is always on toes to help Jaggi. Urvashi welcomes the girl’s family. He sends Kokila and Urvashi. Urmila says Gopi has gone to call Jaggi, who is busy playing gamble. She tells all bad things about Jaggi and scares the girl’s family. Urmila and Paridhi fool the people and make them leave. Jaggi is glad and dreams to celebrate Diwali with Gopi. Jaggi will be marrying Gopi, but not so soon, first he has to cross many hurdles.


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