Shivika’s another magical moment: Shivay breaks Anika’s fast


Tia meets her boyfriend in the lawn and hugs him. Anika sees Tia and assumes Tia is hugging Shivay. She gets a big shock seeing Shivay looking for Tia. Tia asks her boyfriend to leave. The women break their fast seeing their husband’s face.

While Tia starts doing the rituals, Anika pops up to tell Shivay about Tia’s cheat. Shivay’s eyes are just on Anika, while Tia is breaking her fast. Anika rushes to Shivay and gets dizzy to have good timing to faint, right when Tia was seeing Shivay’s face. Shivay without any delay rushes and holds Anika. Shivay shouts for water and makes Anika have water, hence breaking her fast. This turns out to be another Shivay and Anika’s magical moment. Poor Tia waits for him to return, so that she can finish the rituals. Pinky asks Shivay to feed water to Tia and break her fast. Shivay apologizes to Tia and rushes with Anika in his arms, to check on his lady love’s safety first.


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