Anika breaks out Tia’s truth to Shivay in Ishqbaaz


Shivay goes to drop Anika. Anika tries to tell him. He thinks Anika would say she loves him. He tries to stop her. She proceeds to tell him. He says don’t say it, I already know this, I have felt it before itself. Anika wonders if he knows about Tia and asks him why is he marrying Tia then, Tia won’t be happy. Shivay explains that none should know this awkward situation. She asks will he avoid the truth all his life. Shivay stops the car. He thinks of her love and says they can’t go ahead of this point.

Anika sees road barrier and gets mistaken. Their conversation gets funny. Shivay then tells straight that he knows Anika has feelings for him. Anika reacts shocked and clears his misunderstanding. She says she wanted to tell something else. He asks you like me right? She says never…….. She tries to tell him about Tia. She feels he is foolish to think she has feelings for him. She reacts angrily and goes. Shivay calls her mad to act like she does not like him. He wonders what did she really want to say.

Anika thinks of Shivay’s confusion. She still wants to tell Shivay about Tia. She gets doubtful if Tia can really cheat Tia. Bua gives her opinion that rich people have affairs and easily accept such things. Anika understands that Tia’s boyfriend was with her that night. She gets more charged to tell this to Shivay. Anika breaks this truth to Shivay. Shivay does not believe Anika, and thinks she is making a story to cover up her feelings. Will Anika prove out her point? Keep reading.


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