Shivay’s big confusion over Anika’s love confession in Ishqbaaz


During Karwachauth fast breaking, Anika faints and falls in Shivay’s arms. Shivay lifts Anika and takes care, after apologizing to Tia. Tia shows an understanding. Rudra is much annoyed with Soumya. Anika gets conscious and thinks to inform Shivay about Tia. Shivay asks Anika is she foolish to stay hungry and work all day. He takes care of her.

Anika says she must go home. He asks her to drink juice. She forgets what exactly she wanted to tell Shivay. She then recalls what she has seen in lawn. She talks indirectly about Tia and he feels something else. Anika feels its complicated to say. Shivay thinks Anika is going to confess her feelings to him. Anika says its Karwachauth and she should tell this today.

Shivay thinks how to handle Anika when she is going to say she loves him. He tries to avoid her to some extent. Anika does not know how will he handle this and builds up more suspense. He does not let her speak anything. She insists that its important and she has to say it. Shivay gets nervous, as Anika stops him to complete the matter. Tia comes and their conversation breaks. Shivay gets relieved and happy that Tia came. Tia asks Shivay to come for dinner. Shivay asks Anika to go home, he will ask driver to drop her. Anika insists Shivay to drop her home, so that she can talk to him. Tia asks Shivay to drop Anika, and she would wait. Anika gets angry seeing Tia acting sweet and cheating Shivay. Will Anika speak up? Keep reading.


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