Colors’ Mini Spoilers



Soumya’s finger gets cut while chopping the vegetables. Harman showers love on Soumya. Soumya thanks Mata Rani and wants to stay with Harman peacefully. He sees his name on her hand written by mehendi on Karwachauth. Harman gets touched by Soumya’s love. Harman asks Soumya what does she have want to have in food, and names many dishes. He tells Soumya that he will cook today. Soumya gets surprised.


Malaika is exposed and runs away from marriage. Raj asks Tanuja to sit as the bride and wants Rishi to get his happiness. Tanuja is worried for everyone’s reaction. Tanuja falls down and her ghunghat gets pulled. Raj stops everyone from seeing Tanuja, and saves her. Rishi and Tanuja sit in mandap. Rishi sees Tanuja’s face when he fills sindoor and gets a big shock. Rishi and his family does not know how to react seeing Tanuja, while she gets tensed.


Swara and Ragini are the wedding planners of Uttara’s marriage, but no one knows this. Everyone is happy for Uttara’s marriage. Ragini is missing Laksh. Swara and Ragini are helpless to do the wedding planning. No one told anyone that Swara and Ragini are Maheshwari family bahus. The family comes across Swara and Ragini. Durga Prasad blesses his bahus. Sanskar decides not to tell Uttara’s inlaws about Swara and Ragini. There will be twists in the marriage, where Swara will be giving a dance performance.


Paridhi and Rajbeer have an argument. Rajveer was possessed by Jolly and stayed with Ritu. After Jolly goes, Rajbeer rushes to tell truth to Paridhi. Jolly is increasing distance between them. Paridhi does not know Jolly left Rajbeer. Paridhi pushes Rajbeer angrily and scolds him. Saudamini has given more powers to Jolly, and now Jolly can possess Rajbeer any time he wants.

Thapki Pyaar Ki:

Thapki has made Bihaan reach jail. She keeps condition for him, asking him to marry her to get cleared of all the charges. Bihaan does not want to marry Vaani. Kosi convinces Bihaan and asks him to marry Vaani to get the house and property back.


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