Raj surfaces Malaika’s true face in Kasam


Tanuja sitting as bride brings much drama in the show. Everyone sees Tanuja with Rishi. The marriage gets completed. Malaika comes back. Rano blames Tanuja for cheating them. Raj takes Tanuja’s side. Rano asks Raj did he go mad to support Tanuja.

Malaika asks Raj how can he support Tanuja when she cheated them. Raj calls her shameless to drag Tanuja in this matter and asks her to see her deeds first. Rani defends Malaika, while Raj defends Tanuja. Rishi just becomes numb and sees the drama. Raj knows Malaika’s secret. Raj tells Rano and Rishi that he has seen Malaika hugging a man, and she went with that man to the hotel man. He tells them what he has heard there, Malaika is not a good character girl and was cheating Rishi. Raj is much angry and scolds Malaika. He calls Malaika a big fraud. Malaika is afraid that everyone will know her truth. Even after all this, Rano does not accept Tanuja. What will Tanuja do now? Keep reading.


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