Rudra affected by Romi-Soumya in Ishqbaaz


Rudra is upset over Soumya/love angel’s matter. He talks to Shivay about Tia’s reaction when he left her and went to care for Anika. Shivay finds it best that Tia trusts and understands him. Shivay and Rudra joke over Omkara’s simplicity.

Omkara is engrossed in his own problems. He tells them that Riddhima has gone for her new project and did not answer his calls. He feels sorry that Riddhima and his ways got separated, as their expectations from relationship were different. Shivay explains him to find out his happiness in relationship, and supports him in all decisions. Omkara asks Shivay to find out his own happiness first. Rudra takes extra food as he was hungry for long. Shivay jokes on him. Rudra tells about Romi’s curse and now he will live his life to the fullest. He gets upset and speaks out his pain. Shivay and Omkara see a serious upset Rudra. Rudra gets an emotional hug from them. Soumya makes Rudra jealous by going on a date with Reyaan. Rudra passes joke on Reyaan, but Soumya supports Reyaan. Rudra gets angry seeing that. Romi asks Rudra to meet her. Rudra wants to avoid her and is scared of Romi.


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