Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi – Sonakshi’s Diwali Surprise


    Mami asks Ishwari to tell Sonakshi to decorate the house on Diwali. Ishwari says family is not asked to do any work, anything is done by heart, then they enter the heart. She is sure that her daughters will decorate the house well.

    Ishwari gets surprised seeing the house so well decorated. Ishwari likes the house decorations and compliments her daughters. They tell Ishwari that this was all Sonakshi’s idea and she has done this.

    Sonakshi is celebrating Diwali and lights diya. Dev too likes the arrangements done by Sonakshi. Ishwari was lighting the diyas. Dev suggests Sonakshi to light the diyas. Sonakshi is making a new start. Sonakshi makes Bengali sweets for everyone. Ishwari gets jealous seeing Sonakshi getting praise. Sonakshi is managing the house so well and leaving no need for Ishwari to do anything. Sonakshi wishes happy Diwali to Ishwari. Sonakshi tries to win Ishwari’s house. Will Ishwari accept Sonakshi? Keep reading.



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