Colors’ Mini Spoilers


Naagin 2:Shivangi gets a strange dream, where Sesha, Yamini and Maheshwati come to kidnap Shivangi and her sister. The evil-minded Yamini hurts Shivangi. Shivangi tries to stop Yamini. Sesha has come to kidnap Shivangi and take her to the temple to get Naagmani. Yamini shouts no one can get saved by her. Yamini is a human, and yet more powerful than Naagins. Yamini wants to use Shivangi and reach Naagmani. It has to be seen who gets lucky this time.


Harman is going to marry Mahi. Soumya will be bearing the pain of losing Harman once again. Preeto makes Harman marry Mahi. Soumya misses Harman. Soumya is happy for Surbhi’s marriage, and is upset knowing about Harman’s marriage. Soumya gets ready to meet Harman. Harman takes the wedding rounds with Mahi. Soumya gets kidnapped from Surbhi’s marriage. Harman stops taking the wedding rounds and runs away from the marriage. Harak Singh and Preeto get shocked. Harman gets news of Soumya’s kidnapping and leaves from the mandap to find Soumya. Harman goes to rescue Soumya from kinners group again.


Rishi and Tanuja are married in unusual way. Rishi refuses to accept Tanuja as his wife. Rishi tells Rano that this marriage is just his helplessness. Rano says you feel this, but you don’t know Tanuja, who will try hard to win his love. Rishi tells Rano that he will not let Tanuja complete their relation. Tanuja has got Rishi, but lost his trust. Rishi is in dilemma over Tanuja’s cheat or if Raj is really saying truth about Malaika. Doctor asks Rishi to take care of Raj. Rishi decides to give a chance to Tanuja. Malaika starts her drama and wins Rano’s sympathy.


Bhaiya ji asks Tejaswini to leave from the haveli. Chakor also says the same and agrees with Bhaiya ji. Ragini and Ranjana throw out Tejaswini out of the house, while Suraj tries to stop them. Suraj says no one can make my mummy leave from here till I m here. Suraj gets shocked when Chakor takes Bhaiya ji’s side. He asks Chakor why is she with enemies. Chakor says Tejaswini got divorced from Bhaiya ji and has no right on haveli now.


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