Gaura’s mega entry marks sorrow in Saath Nibhana Saathiya


Surrogate mother Chanda has disappeared. Meera does not understand where did Chanda go. Meera tells Dharam that she will die if anything happens to her child. Meera cries and panics to get a child. She is desperate and restless.

Meera asks Dharam to get her child. Dharam hugs her and calms her down. Vidya can’t see Meera’s pain. Vidya and Dharam are not able to pacify Meera. Meera asks Dharam to find Chanda. Dharam says maybe Chanda went to doctor. Vidya tries to call Chanda and does not find anything. Meera thinks to call up doctor. Doctor comes home to check Chanda. Meera is in much tension and wants her child to be safe. Doctor gives injection to Meera to calm her. Gaura will be making an entry, and could be behind Chanda’s disappearance. Keep reading.



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