Suraj-Chakor’s conflict begins; Huge drama next in Udaan


Bhaiya ji asks Tejaswini to leave from the haveli. Chakor also says the same and agrees with Bhaiya ji. Ragini and Ranjana throw out Tejaswini out of the house, while Suraj tries to stop them. Suraj says no one can make my mummy leave from here till I m here.

Suraj gets shocked when Chakor takes Bhaiya ji’s side. He asks Chakor why is she with enemies. Chakor says Tejaswini got divorced from Bhaiya ji and has no right on haveli now. Suraj asks did she get mad to support Bhaiya ji. Chakor tells Tejaswini has made her bandhua when she was in Kasturi’s womb, and tortured her in childhood. Chakor says she is very happy to see Tejaswini’s state today.

Suraj says I m sure Chakor has come to take revenge, but I will not let her succeed. He says till he is here, he will not let Tejaswini leave. Bhaiya ji asks Tejaswini to leave on her own, else they will kick her out. Bhaiya ji is angry as he believes Tejaswini was involved with Suraj in attempting to murder him in jail. Tejaswini had hopes from Chakor and gets shocked when Chakor does not support her. Chakor wants Tejaswini to go from haveli, so that Tejaswini does not bear more troubles in haveli by Ragini and Ranjana. Bhaiya ji’s men catch Suraj, while Ragini pushes Tejaswini out of the house. Ragini asks Tejaswini to be on roads now. Suraj feels helpless and gets against Chakor. Chakor would be explaining Suraj her motives hopefully. Keep reading.


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