Abhi and Pragya’s ‘Tere Liye’ moment in Kumkum Bhagya


Abhi has reached police station and is annoyed with Pragya. Pragya is also annoyed with him. Abhi and Pragya get to see each other. It has to be seen if this annoyance ends. Pragya is everything for Abhi, and yet their relation always suffers.

It is tough for Abhi to live a moment without Pragya. Abhi misses Pragya a lot and feels she completes him. His restlessness makes him reach his Fuggi. Pragya and Abhi see each other and get tearful eyes. Pragya has lots of questions in heart, but knows about Aaliya’s mean plans. Abhi too has questions about Pragya. Pragya is angry as Abhi could have saved her from Aaliya’s bad accusations, but Abhi did not defend Pragya. Pragya is bearing all this in the lockup because of Abhi. The jail warden talks to Pragya rudely. Abhi meets Pragya and they have more silence between them, than clearing the misunderstanding.

Pragya is blamed to cheat Abhi and get his property to her name. Abhi’s heart knows very well that Pragya can’t do this. Pragya and Abhi hold hands and are giving life’s another test as usual. Abhi trusts Pragya, but he fell in dilemma as all evidence is against Pragya. Abhi has fallen in Tanu and Aaliya’s trap again. Sarla will support Pragya and will try to show the truth to Abhi. Hope the jail track does not drag too long. Keep reading.


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