Shivangi marries Rocky for retributive justice in Naagin 2


Rocky was upset and marrying someone else. Shivangi will be taking revenge from Rocky too and has big misunderstanding. Shivangi replaces the bride. It’s not a typical wedding with all happiness around. Shivangi takes the wedding rounds with Rocky.

Rocky makes her wear the mangalsutra. When he lifts her ghunghat to apply sindoor, he gets to see the bride’s face and gets shocked seeing Shivangi. He was thinking he was marrying Ruchika and was not interested. When he lifts ghunghat, he gets stunned seeing Shivangi and happily excited. Yamini was regretting that Sesha has killed Shivangi and now they can’t get the Naagmani, as Shivangi had the key. Shivangi is only one who can lift the Naagmani, and now Yamini gets shocked seeing her. Yamini is glad that she can get Naagmani now.

Shivangi hugs Yamini and says my mum got killed and now I have nowhere to go. She asks Yamini to accept her, as she has no one in her life. Yamini was using Sesha and now when she knows Sesha can’t lift Naagmani, she plans to cheat Sesha. Yamini helps Shivangi in marrying Rocky and makes Sesha away from the marriage. Yamini does not know Shivangi’s revenge motives. Keep reading.


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