Soumya retires to big problems again in Shakti


Soumya makes Surbhi ready as the bride. The baraat comes. Surbhi asks Soumya won’t she go and see baraat. Soumya refuses. Surbhi says I would have danced in my own baraat and sends Soumya to see baraat.

Surbhi sees the baraat from window and is happy that everyone appear happy. Its mixed emotions for Surbhi. She does not know Soumya is upset and Harman is getting married, but she is happy for her own marriage. Soumya goes to see baraat. Soumya is kidnapped by kinners and then by the goons. The goons plan to sell Soumya. They have kept Soumya at a godown. Harman will come to rescue Soumya again and halt his own marriage. Even Surbhi will be running from her marriage and find Soumya. Harman and Surbhi’s love for Soumya will make them search for her.


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