Gopi comes across Radhika’s shocking truth


Gopi comes across Radhika’s poster on the road and thinks that this girl traps people for money, beware of her. Radhika takes the rowdy avatar and slaps her partner. Gopi gets shocked seeing Radhika’s truth. Radhika is wanted by police.

Radhika wants to steal the gold jewelry and cash from Modi house, and run away. Radhika’s lover is Mangesh. She makes the temple excuse and goes to meet Mangesh. Mangesh madly loves Radhika, and tells her that she can slap him more and even take away his life if she wants. Radhika hugs him. Gopi had doubt on Radhika and follows her. Radhika sees Gopi watching her and tells her partner that Gopi has seen both of them. Mangesh drops Radhika back to Modi house. Radhika is very clever and plays safe. Gopi will now expose Radhika’s truth. Keep reading.


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