Oberois shaken up by Omkara’s drugged state


Priyanka calls out Shivay and family to see Omkara’s state. The family gets worried seeing Omkara fallen on the ground. Riddhima comes to meet Omkara and worries for him. Riddhima asks Shivay did Omkara take drugs again.

Shivay says I m not sure of it, but then spots the injection fallen behind Omkara. Riddhima revives Omkara. Omkara thanks Riddhima for coming back. Shivay felt like he has lost Omkara and gets shaken.

Shivay apologizes to Jhanvi for not taking care of Omkara well. Jhanvi blames herself. Tej asks them not to blame themselves, all this happened as Omkara has a sensitive weak heart. Priyanka feels guilty to hide everything from Shivay. She apologizes to Shivay and admits she is responsible for all this. Shivay blames himself for the bad happenings. He asks Priyanka what did she know about Omkara. She hides the matter to keep her promise to Omkara. He feels he got late to meet Omkara because of Anika.

Priyanka feels just Shivay can solve this problem, but she can’t confide the matter. Jhanvi and Tej talk about Omkara and argue. Tej is ashamed that Omkara is much weak to take support of drugs. Everyone feels that Omkara is back to drugs because Riddhima left him. Tej compares Omkara and Rudra with perfect Shivay. Tej is sure that even if his sons get married, they will not know about it. Anika apologizes to Shivay for misunderstanding her. He is upset as Anika left Omkara alone. She tells him that Omkara was fine and had a company. Will Shivay forgive Anika this time? Keep reading.


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