Romi keen to vent out anger on Rudra


Rudra and Soumya still joke about their marriage. Romi meets them at the wedding venue and gets a shock seeing her Devta Rudra married to Soumya. Rudra and Soumya think they are dreaming about Romi. They see Romi in reality and run away.

Romi runs after them, asking them to be ready to face Devi’s anger. Rudra and Soumya run to some safe place. Soumya calls him coward. Rudra asks her not to make noise, as psycho Romi will find them. Romi commands Rudra to come out, else she will burn them alive. Rudra and Soumya have a silent assuring moment. They run away to get rid of Romi. They get tired of running and sleep under the tree. Later, they get saved from Romi, but fall in another problem when they realize their marriage happened. They worry for returning home and hiding the truth. Keep reading.


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