Simar to stop Anjali-Vikram’s marriage in Sasural Simar Ka


Vikram and Anjali’s marriage functions are happening. Vikram’s haldi happens at his house. Khushi will bring a new twist in Anjali’s life. Khushi wants Anjali to hate Simar more. But, Mata ji does not give any such chance to

Anjali’s marriage functions happen. Simar applies haldi to Anjali. The family is happy for Anjali. Vaidehi gets to know Vikram is the guy who is marrying Anjali. She does not know what to do. Anjali does not want to see Simar’s face, and avoids her. Mata ji brings Simar to Anjali, and makes Khushi away from Anjali. Prem and Simar are happy about Anjali’s marriage. Vaidehi goes and breaks Vikram’s truth to Simar. Simar got to know the groom’s truth. She will now expose the groom and stop Anjali’s marriage.



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