Tia evades the blame and wins Shivay’s trust in Ishqbaaz


Anika tries to expose Tia, but fails badly. Tia fixes the photo frame of her and Shivay on the wall, to give a surprise to him. Shivay asks Anika does she have to say something to Tia now. Tia asks Anika did she think so bad about her.

Tia reacts angrily and finds Anika doubting her too bad. She asks Anika how can she keep such a negative opinion about her, what made her think such fallen thing. Anika gets speechless. Tia asks Shivay how could he believe Anika and come to check on her. Shivay tries to explain her. Tia manages to evade the blame on her.

Shivay blames Anika that she wants to make Tia fall in his sight, she has come to fulfill this motive. Anika gets hurt by his hurts and asks him to insult her once again. Anika clears his thinking that she is not trapping a rich man like him. Shivay asks her not to assume wrong things. She asks him can’t he see anyone cheating him, and she is trying to help him. Shivay asks her not to help him and not point on his family. He asks her to remember Tia is his family now, and better be away from Tia. Tia wins and shows her true face to Anika. Tia asks Shivay to find a life partner/lover for Anika, and this can occupy her mind in positive way. Shivay gets a shock on hearing this. What will Shivay do now? Will he realize his feelings for Anika? Keep reading.


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