Daksh to rise Shivay’s insecurities in Ishqbaaz


Shakti tells about Shivay and Tia’s proposal being in news. Tej wishes even his sons would have made him happy like this. Tej meets Omkara and asks him to sign on some social cause papers. Omkara says she will just read papers first and then sign.

Omkara asks Riddhima to check papers and tell him about it. Riddhima tells Omkara about the agreement of Oberoi empire. Omkara gets his anger out on Tej. He defends Shivay and his hardwork. Tej loses his cool. Omkara rejects Tej’s proposal. Tej asks Riddhima to explain Omkara.

Daksh’s entry is happening. Shivay talks to his friend Daksh, while Anika tells Dadi that she will get carpenter from the station. Shivay tells Daksh that he has work and he will send the car for him. Anika makes a checklist of her work. Shivay is still inclined towards her. Daksh’s entry will be shocking one for Shivay. Keep reading.


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