Oberoi brothers’ tensions and dance remedy next in Ishqbaaz


Rudra meets Soumya. He gets angry finding mangalsutra in her room. She apologizes. He asks her to hide it, else everyone will know of their marriage. She asks him to forget it, but it’s getting impossible for her. They find each other reminding of the marriage.

Rudra asks her to stay away so that he can forget that marriage thing. Jhanvi tells Omkara that Priyanka went to stay with Nani. Omkara is worried for Priyanka. Jhanvi says Priyanka is fine and asks him not to worry.

Shivay, Rudra and Omkara meet for a talk, as they all have something bothering them. Shivay asks Rudra to share the matter. He asks about Devi Romi. He cheers up Rudra. Rudra and Omkara say life is not in their control. Rudra asks them to make him forget the problems. Rudra makes a request to dance with them. The brothers dance happily on Chikni Chameli song and forget all their problems. Keep reading.


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