Shivangi to begin revenge plotting in Naagin 2


Shivangi’s Mu Dikhai rasam is happening. A lady slaps Sesha for eyeing her husband. She scolds Sesha/Ruchika and asks her to be away from her husband. The guests give gifts to Shivangi and praise her beauty. Rocky gets mesmerized seeing Shivangi.

Shivangi’s motives are something else. Shivangi is setting her plan to take revenge. She is seeing everyone who has killed her mother, and thinking what to do. Ruchika hugs Shivangi, and acts sweet. Shivangi takes Sesha’s phone and messages Amar to meet her at the temple. Shivangi plans to kill Amar at the temple. Sesha gets slapped by the guy’s wife and is stopped at home. Shivangi goes to the temple and takes her Naagin avatar to bite Amar. Yamini does not know Shivangi knows their truth, and is relieved. The game turns interesting as Shivangi takes advantage of the misunderstanding. Keep reading.


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