Raghav and Naina meet by destiny in Pardes…


Sanjana and Veer are spoilt by their richness. Sanjana is drunk and dances in the bar, while Veer is flirting with someone. Veer felt embarrassed when Sanjana dances weirdly on a Desi song. Naina has to earn money for living and pay rent. She works as waitress in a pub.

Naina sees Sanjana drunk and falling, and rushes to help. Raghav too comes there to take care of Sanjana, and sees Sanjana drunk. Naina finds hard to manage Sanjana. Raghav and Naina meet at the pub again. Raghav forgets Sanjana and gets into a talk with Naina. He gets shocked seeing Naina as the waitress. Raghav tells Sanjana that party is over and asks her to come home. Sanjana is angry on Veer. Sanjana gets does not Veer’s attention. She does not like Raghav and asks him to leave from the pub. Naina helps Raghav and takes Sanjana home. Veer insults Naina, which makes Raghav feel bad and support Naina. Keep reading.


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