Tej to break Omkara’s trust; Reyaan to propose Soumya in Ishqbaaz


Rudra feels jealous seeing Reyaan. He stops Reyaan from going to Soumya’s room and acts protective. Rudra goes to Soumya. Rudra informs her that Reyaan is coming to meet her. He asks her about meeting her boyfriend infront of husband. He forgets the marriage and asks Soumya to go.

Reyaan meets Soumya and gifts her on Diwali occasion. Reyaan hugs Soumya to wish. Rudra gets angry. Rudra asks them to talk infront of him. Reyaan proposes Soumya. Soumya and Rudra get worried. Reyaan asks why did they get scared by marriage name. Reyaan wants to marry Soumya soon. He asks Soumya will she marry him. Rudra hits Reyaan angrily. Soumya worries for Reyaan. She confronts Rudra for this angry step. Rudra tells Soumya that he intentionally did this.

On the other hand, Jhanvi talks to Omkara about Tej’s step to manipulate Omkara for signing the file. Tej tells Omkara that he wants to secure Omkara’s future and make him stand along with Shivay. Tej apologizes. Omkara does not believe Tej. Tej shares his worry for his son. Riddhima asks Omkara to listen to Tej, he did not do a crime like any murder or such. Omkara feels guilty.


Tej gets the NGO genuine papers and makes Riddhima check it. Riddhima lies to Omkara about the papers, and tells him that papers are right. She asks Omkara to sign on it. Omkara does not check the papers and signs. The papers become a reason for Omkara’s breakup with Riddhima. Keep reading to know what happens next.


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