Chakor and Suraj’s ‘perfect couple’ act in Udaan


Ranjana tells Chakor that she has called media to show Chakor and Suraj’s marriage truth. This becomes a big task for Suraj and Chakor to behave well with each other. Chakor and Suraj argue a lot. Chakor calls him a dog’s tail, which can never get right. Suraj gets angry and packs his bag to leave from the room.

Chakor worries that Ranjana’s plan will succeed if Suraj leaves. Imli comes to stop Suraj and tries explaining Ranjana’s plan. Chakor asks Suraj to support her, and act like a good husband. Chakor acts like a good wife and tells Suraj that it is equally tough for her. She convinces Suraj to act infront of the media. They both do good acting to be in love, and appear a loving couple. Ranjana wants to expose Chakor and Suraj’s acting. The media reach the haveli to take their interview.

Suraj comes back after thinking Chakor is right and he should support her. Chakor asks her to change clothes and wear nice clothes to match up to her. Chakor makes him wear the tie. Suraj feels like changing himself because of Chakor. Chakor and Suraj become a perfect couple. Suraj acts like a gentleman and caring husband. Chakor and Suraj will fall in love while acting such. Keep reading.


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