High Five Spoilers

Tujhse Hai Raabta Bahu Begum Top 5 Spoilers

ETRETR: Raja gives a beautiful surprise to Rani. Rani stands in election and is hopeful to win. They have a romantic moment. Raja supports Rani in her campaigning and stands by her morals and vision for Amerkot.


Ranjana tells Chakor that she has called media to show Chakor and Suraj’s marriage truth. This becomes a big task for Suraj and Chakor to behave well with each other. Chakor and Suraj argue a lot. Chakor calls him a dog’s tail, which can never get right. Suraj gets angry and packs his bag to leave from the room. Chakor worries that Ranjana’s plan will succeed if Suraj leaves. Imli comes to stop Suraj and tries explaining Ranjana’s plan. Chakor asks Suraj to support her, and act like a good husband.


Reyaan gets a ring gift for Soumya. Reyaan fails to make Soumya wear it, as the ring was not fit for her. Rudra makes Soumya wear the ring. Rudra tries to keep Reyaan away, but Reyaan is keen to marry Soumya. Will Rudra and Soumya speak up their marriage truth? Shivay’s bachelor party is next in the show. Omkara and Rudra dance with Shivay non stop. Shivay is getting married to Tia. They are celebrating Shivay’s last bachelor dance. Shivay is in love with Anika, and did not realize it.

Thapki Pyaar Ki:

Bihaan and Vaani are getting married. Everyone dance in the haldi ceremony. Even Kosi and Vasundara shake a leg with the young brigade. Bihaan and Vaani’s haldi ceremony is going on, along with Dhruv and Aditi’s haldi. Thapki finds her letter in Bihaan’s wallet, and gets sad. She feels Bihaan has read the letter and did not come to save her that day. Sankara was the one who changed the letter. Sankara does not want to lose Bihaan. Dhruv wanted Thapki to clear misunderstandings and sent her to talk to Bihaan, but Thapki gets more mistaken seeing the letter.


Rishi started liking Tanuja. Despite Rano asking him to dislike Tanuja, he makes an excuse of the button breaking. He asks Tanuja to fix the button. Tanuja fixes the button and hurts him with the needle. Their chemistry will be seen again. Raj and Biji’s sister ask Rishi and Tanuja to dance. They say the reception party will not get completed without the couple dance. Viewers will get to see Rishi and Tanuja’s romantic dance after a long time.


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