High Five Spoilers

Tujhse Hai Raabta Bahu Begum Top 5 Spoilers

Kasam: Rishi and Tanuja perform in the reception party. Rishi dances stormy and Tanuja feels uncomfortable. Rishi apologizes to Tanuja and then dances on a romantic number. Rishi and Tanuja are not exactly in love, but they have an inclination towards each other.


Chakor and Suraj give an interview to the media. Bhaiya ji acts sweet to them infront of the media, and tries to spoil their interview. The media ask Chakor about their love story. Chakor holds Suraj’s hand and does drama. She tells a unique love story and how Suraj madly loves her. She tells how Suraj proposed her after she won the marathon. Suraj gets speechless and sits quiet. Suraj could say truth while media irritated him. Chakor stops him and manages the questions alone. Chakor and Imli were worried that Suraj can spoil things, but nothing such happens and everything goes fine.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

Kartik’s family makes an entry. Naitik thinks Kartik is an orphan and takes talk ahead of Naira and Kartik’s marriage. Kirti comes to meet Singhania family, and tells them that Kartik is not an orphan. She calls her uncle, aunty and stepmom to talk about the alliance.


Aparajita kidnapped the village boy, and wounded him. Raina, Shivam and Rishabh have to saved him and got him back. They take the villagers along. Sanjay has saved everyone, else Aparajita would have killed Raina and Rishabh. Rishabh says its benefit that Sanjay saved them, else we would have not been able to tackle Aparajita. The villagers will get against Raina. Rishabh will support Raina.

Naagin 2:

The inspector comes home and shows Sesha a message, which is a proof of her crime. Sesha gets arrested. Yamini gets a big shock. Sesha got trapped in Shivangi’s trap. Sesha tells inspector that she has not messaged Amar. Inspector arrests Sesha for the murder crime of Amar. Rocky could not believe Ruchika could do this. Sesha was trying to impress Rudra, and fell in this new trap. Shivangi is getting support from Rudra.


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