Emotional moment for Naina and Raghav in Pardes


Raghav cries and talks to Dadi. There is a very emotional moment between them. Raghav apologizes to Dadi. Dadi has angrily beaten Raghav infront of the entire family. Raghav did not say anything and gets beaten up.

Dadi was upset when Sanjana blames Raghav for misbehaving with her. Dadi could not believe it and punished him. Later, Dadi realizes Raghav can’t do anything like that. Dadi goes to Raghav with food and forgives him.

Chanchal meets with a car accident because of Raghav. Chanchal is admitted in hospital. Rajeev worries for the baby. Chanchal tells Rajeev that she is fine and even their baby is fine. Chanchal does drama infront of Naina and cries for bill expenses. Naina heard Chanchal’s words and still gives money to Chanchal. Naina gets emotionally broken seeing Chanchal and Rajeev’s truth. Raghav and Dadi come to meet Chanchal, and were thinking that Chanchal’s baby is hurt. Naina speaks truth and tells Dadi that it’s not Raghav’s fault. Dadi gets to know truth that Raghav did not do anything. Naina refuses to accept money by Dadi. She saves Raghav from the blame as well. Dadi starts liking Naina. Keep reading.


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