Yeh Hai Mohabbatein takes a short leap


Raman and Ishita get separated once again, because of Pihu’s hatred for Ishita. Pihu breaks all ties with Raman and asks him to stay with Ishita. Pihu is angered and falls into Shagun’s words, that Ishita attempted to kill Shagun to snatch Pihu.

Ishita has hidden the counselling matter from Raman. This angers Raman. Raman blames Ishita for always hiding things and getting worse fate on their side. He feels losing Pihu forever, when Shagun takes a decision to move to Bangkok along with Pihu, Aaliya and Mani.

Shagun fails to do a mother’s duty even after the leap and is busy in maintaining a high-profile social life. Raman leaves the home after the argument with Ishita. Raman shifts to Bangkok to stay with Pihu. Raman manages his business and fulfills a father’s duty by taking care of Pihu. Ishita will be seen doing her dentist work and managing family. The leap looks similar to the last one. Ruhi will try to bridge Raman and Ishita. Keep reading.


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