Anika to confront Daksh by realizing his truth


Shivay tells Anika that he will wait till Sahil comes home, and offers help to both Anika and Sahil. Anika says security is fine, she will stay back. Anika asks Shivay how did he come here to check on her, when she could not pass the message to him on the call which disconnected before she could speak up.

Shivay says I felt that you needs me, so I have come. She thanks him for help. She calls him Shivay…. instead Billu ji……which shocks him. Daksh calls Shivay and asks him to come. Shivay says I have important work and going home. Shivay asks Anika to call him if she needs any help. Shivay leaves from the house. Anika tries to recall who was that person. She checks the play ticket, and realizes Daksh wanted her to come along for this play. Anika understands Daksh is after the attack.


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