P.O.W. – Bandi Yuddh Ke – Harleen in despair


Harleen and Sartaj visit a mall with the family for shopping new clothes. While Sartaj finds the colors very bright, Harleen compliments him that every color will suit him. She gets some good plain design colors for him, asking him to try. Sartaj accepts her choice, which makes her glad.

Sartaj recalls the trauma and reacts angrily in the public. While Harleen goes to help him, Sartaj shouts on her and asks her to leave him. Harleen thinks of the 17 years of detaining, the effect on Sartaj’s mind which still makes Sartaj a total stranger for her. She wonders what Sartaj went through, that he looks someone dear and sometimes not. Will Harleen find a new hope? Will Sartaj win over his inner battle? Keep reading.



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