Raghav and Naina’s story begins with dramatic twists in Pardes


Raghav and Naina’s love story possibility is getting high. Naina gets to know a big truth. Naina and Raghav meet again and again by destiny. Naina, Raghav and families meet at the hospital where Chanchal is admitted.

Chanchal met with a minor accident. Raghav is part of Mehra family and comes with them. Veer has hit Chanchal with his car. The police comes to take Chanchal’s statement. Everyone is tensed as it can be case against Veer. As always, Raghav takes the accident blame. Naina does not let Rajeev file case against Raghav. Rajeev wants to use the accident and take advantage of Chanchal’s condition.

Naina got to know that Chanchal wanted to get money from Mehra family and tells truth to the police. Mehra family was ready to compensate for accident. Naina speaks out truth. Dadi gets impressed with Naina’s selfless nature and thinks Naina can be suitable for Veer. Naina gets to know Raghav is the one who has sent help for Asha’s treatment. Raghav will sacrifice his liking for Naina for Veer’s sake, as Dadi would take Veer and Naina’s marriage talk ahead.


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