Shivangi finds new opportunities to plan against Sesha


Shivangi’s heart knows Rocky can’t be bad. Her heart beats for Rocky. She believes in Rocky’s innocence. She shares a romantic moment with Rocky. Yamini and Sesha make an entry and break their romance.

Yamini apologizing for disturbing them and asks them to continue their romance. Sesha gets angry. Rocky lies that Shivangi was getting romantic. Shivangi gets nervous and tells Yamini that Rocky is lying. Yamini pulls their leg and tells them that husband and wife should have romance.

Shivangi had the poison spray for Maheshmati. Rocky thought its perfume and was applying it. Shivangi saves Rocky from using that spray. Shivangi stops Rocky and falls on him. Rocky felt Shivangi is romancing and hugs her. Rocky gets disappointed when Yamini and Sesha enter the room. Shivangi finds an opportunity when she gets to know Yamini’s birthday is coming. Everyone does arrangements and planning of the birthday party. Sesha is planning to reach Naagmani soon. It has to be seen who wins in the Naagmani chase.


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